So you see these people rolling down the aisles with their coupon binder or box, and they have TONS of coupons. You see them in the lines using multiples of the same coupons over and over and if you have been reading these last few days, you know that one of the keys to couponing is to stockpile your coupons. But where do these people get all of these coupons? The following is a list of the different ways that you an collect coupons to build up that stash and maximize your savings.

The Sunday Paper – As we all know, the Sunday paper is where you would traditionally find coupons. The Sunday paper has coupons nearly every week in inserts that are put out by Smart Source and Red Plum, and once a month there are coupons put out by Proctor and Gamble. In addition, different companies often put out random inserts in the paper that have coupons for their products.

Buy Coupons – There are several websites that sell whole coupon inserts, as well as individual clipped coupons where you can pick just the items and quantities that you are looking for.

Print Coupons – There are many, many places where you can print your own coupons on the web. In addition to services, such as, there are often coupons that can be printed on the manufacturer’s website, the product website, restaurant websites and websites for different promotions.

Ask Your Friends and Neighbors – More people do not coupon than actually do. Especially in the way that we are talking. I ask friends and neighbors to save any coupons that they are not using for me and then add them in to my binder. This is a great way to collect coupons for free.

Blinkies and In Store Booklets – Look around the store when you are on your way in and out and on all of the aisles. A lot of the time you can find more coupons in booklets at the front of the store or in the aisles and in the little boxes with the red blinking lights.

By Mail – Visit your favorite brands and manufacturers and sign up for coupons. They will periodically send you coupons in the mail and a lot of the times these will be some of the best coupons that you can find.

Recycling Centers – Look in the paper bins at recycling centers and trash dumps. Some people even climb into the dumpsters and dig around. Especially on the weekend, when people are recycling their papers. You can really come home with quite a few coupons and whole inserts by doing a little creative digging.

Store Apps – By adding apps to your phone you can load coupons on to your account and use them at the checkout. Sometimes you don’t even have to log in to your app and can simply type in your phone number to apply the coupons to your purchase.

Coffee Shops and Fast Food Restaurants – Visiting coffee shops and fast food restaurants that serve breakfast in the afternoons on Sundays is a good way to find more coupon inserts that people have left behind after reading their paper.

Trade Coupons or Join a Coupon Train – We all have coupons that we simply will not use. Joining a coupon train or finding a buddy to coupon with is a great way to get rid of the coupons that you won’t use while snagging some of the coupons that you will use that others won’t.

I will continue to add to this list as I can think of more ways to obtain more coupons. What ways do you collect your coupons?

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