Most, if not all of the posts here at Mom’s DIY are things that we are doing or have done here at the Mom’s DIY 100_0224-300x224House. Today, my four year old walked up with the sad face and asked me to make it so that she could brush her doll’s hair with the comb that came with her. This doll had twisted hair on both sides of her head that was supposed to keep her hair styled and look pretty. Not knowing any better, my daughter was trying to brush her hair without taking these twists out…and she has owned it for more than two days, so the hair was a disaster. So I remembered that my mother-in-law had the same issue with her daughter’s Tangeled doll and I called her and asked her what she did.

You will need:

A small amount of Fabric Softener
A Spray Bottle
A comb (We had the comb that came with the doll, by some miracle.  If you don’t have one you can purchase one here if you want one: Barbie’s Plastic Comb)

All you need to do is spray the doll’s hair with the fabric softener, rinse a little, but not all of the fabric softener completely out and then get to combing, just like you would your child’s tangled hair. I am told that conditioner and water does the same job, as well as children’s detangler. I didn’t have any detangler and didn’t want to start mixing things tonight, and I got the fabric softener free last year when Gain put out the $3 off any fabric softener coupons. I still have about 10 bottles left, so fabric softener was the winner!

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