I had a ton of posts planned for the week, but when we didn’t get everything moved and unpacked when expected, things had to be put on hold. We only have one more trip to move things and everything that is here is almost unpacked and put away, so today I am going to post a video on how we put together our aquaponics system because I have had lots of people asking how we did it. This is just a beginner system but we have had a lot of fun with it and a lot of success over the years. Later on, we will be doing a larger setup in the yard that will be intergrated in with the pond. I believe that the only thing that I have missed in the video that I wanted to mention is that we do not epoxy or glue the elbows and connectors on the system. They reason we did this is because we were not sure about chemicals in whatever we would use and there is so much algae growth that we wanted to be able to take it apart to clean it and if we decided to change the system in some way, such as making the pipes shorter. After the comparison, our video is below!

Here is a comparison of the Romaine that we planted in the beginning that we have been occasionally eating leaves from:

Romaine when first planted


Romaine after a couple of weeks growth


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