This was a complete mistake er, SURPRISE! After carefully planning out a dinner of BBQ chicken, grilled veggies and caramelized apples, I sent the Treeman out with chicken thighs and BBQ sauce, Veggies prepared for grilling and apples and brown sugar for caramelizing and he came back in with this:


It was really good, despite being unexpected. I had sent him out the door with three separate components ready to be grilled and he just mixed them all together. It came out really good because the flavors of the veggies and the sweetness of the apples flavored the chicken, along with the BBQ sauce and there wasn’t a bite left when it was done. So if you would like to replicate this…

You Will Need:

Chicken Thighs (with or without bones and skin. I recommend boneless)
BBQ Sauce of your choice
Chopped Apples (chopped about the size of the tomatoes)
Grape Tomatoes
Green, Yellow and Red Peppers (chopped in large chunks, about the size of the tomatoes)
Banana Pepper Rings
Canola Oil
Brown Sugar
Salt and Pepper
Large Grill Basket

Start cooking the chicken on the grill. Combine and toss tomatoes, green, yellow and red peppers, apples and banana peppers in a small amount of oil (enough to coat), salt and pepper. Put this mixture in the grill basket and set aside. When chicken appears to be about halfway cooked, toss the thighs in the grill basket with your apples and veggies and let them cook together. Make sure that you have the chicken mixed with the veggies and not just sitting on top, so that all of the flavors have the chance to combine. Start brushing chicken with BBQ sauce and then sprinkle the entire mixture with brown sugar. Continue brushing chicken with BBQ sauce, and folding veggies and apples on top of it, coating them, but using low enough heat that the veggies and apples do not burn. Then when the chicken is cooked through, move the chicken to the top of the basket and serve! I served with a side of corn on the cobb and everyone was happy and full when the meal was over. Some of the kids even asked for seconds! And you can add any other veggies that you would like for your meal. What veggies would you add, or suggest for us the next time we make this?

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