While celebrating Bean’s birthday last week we decided to make it a full on Sundae night at the Mom’s DIY house. We also made a little chocolate shell topping that is similar to Magic Shell or the stuff that they put on the ice cream cones at Dairy Queen. It is a recipe that only requires 2 ingredients! So easy and yummy!

You will need:

-1 1/2 cups Chocolate (chips, candy bars, Kisses, whatever you have on hand, as long as it is not unsweetened)
-3 tablespoons Coconut Oil

You need to break up whatever you are using so that you are able to measure it. I make mine in a glass measuring cup, which cuts down on the number of dishes that you are using. We used chocolate chips to make ours. Pour 1 1/2 cups of chocolate into your microwave safe container. Then put in 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. I like to put my coconut oil on top so that as it melts, it pours down over the chocolate chips.

Next microwave for 1 minute. Keep in mind that you might have to play around with the time on the microwave the first time or two that you are making it because all microwave oven temperatures vary. Wait for approximately 1 minute so that oil has more of a chance to help melt your chocolate and then stir well until all of the chocolate is melted and all of the lumps have disappeared.

Finally, drizzle over your ice cream, wait 30 seconds to one minute as it hardens and then enjoy!

Chocolate shell for ice cream

Pour and store in a seal-able container and do NOT refrigerate!! If you do, you will need to microwave again every time you use it. We store ours in a mason jar on the shelf. If, when you go to use it, it has hardened, pop it in the microwave for just under one minute. Stir well (whenever using it, always stir because the chocolate and the coconut oil tend to separate) and drizzle!

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